KM Conference 2023, Social Event (Saturday, 1 July, 2023)

On Saturday, July 1st, 2023, we will have the KM 2023 Conference Social Event tour. The day will start with a pickup from our hotels (bus will pick up first at the Ramada Encore by Wyndham Geneva (Hotel 1) and then at Auberge Communale de Carouge (Hotel 2)). We will have one English speaking guide and start the day with an amazing drive along the Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) to the magnificent northeast side of the lake and into the upper valley of the Saane/Sarine river where the Gruyère District and the town of Broc are. We will visit the famous Swiss chocolate factory - Maison Cailler, which was founded in 1819, where we will have an audio guided tour of the chocolate factory. We will then depart to the Gruyeres village, a medieval town, that the known Gruyère cheese is named after. We will have lunch at a local restaurant (yes, with cheese fondue - called fondue moitié-moitié, a mixed of Gruyère and Vacherin cheeses) and then enjoy the breathtaking views from the town overlooking the Saane/Sarine valley. The bus will then take us to the municipality of Lutry, were we will stop at the Beach Curtinaux on Lake Geneva for an afternoon break, where the bravest of us will be able to swim in a cold lake and enjoy the fresh water (did we say "cold"?) from the Swiss Alps! Then, we will take our bus back to Geneva along the lake arriving in to the hotels in the afternoon or early evening (plan for the whole day as we do not have a way to predict the traffic...).

We recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and bring a bottle of water with you! If you wish to dip into the cold waters of Lake Geneva, feel free to bring a swimsuit, towel, and changing clothes.

*** It is required that all conference attendees also register their family members and/or guests to ensure they are counted for the social event. Thank you for understanding. We will not be able to accommodate individuals who were not registered ahead of time. Thank you for understanding. See KM2023 Registration Page if needed.

Please also bring a good mood and a big smile!

Maison Cailler - Swiss chocolate factory founded in 1819

Gruyère District and Village

Beach Curtinaux on Lake Geneva

Our Transportation

Images of landmarks above are courtesy of Wikipedia and individuals who posted CC pictures.

Modified: April 25, 2023