KM Conference 2023, Pre-Conference Industry Day

On Wednesday, 28 June 2023, we will have the KM2023 Pre-Conference Industry Day conducted at the KM2023 Conference Venue - Centre Universitaire d'Informatique (CUI), University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland (which is at Rte de Drize 7, 1227 Carouge, Switzerland) and is FREE of charge, however, registration is required. Pre-Conference Industry Day registration does NOT include lunch. Please note that if you wish to attend the conference itself beyond the Pre-Conference Industry Day, you must register and pay for that. Please find below the Schedule and Program along with the flyers for the Invited Talks.

Pre-Conference Industry Day: Schedule and Detailed Program

Pre-Conference Industry Day: Flyers of Invited Talks

KM2023 Pre-Conference Partner Organizations


KM2023 Pre-Conference Sponsoring Schools and Organizations

Modified: June 14, 2023