Lifetime Academic Achievement Award

Lifetime Academic Achievement Awards honor colleagues with many years of experience in the academic community. This award marks a distinguished career of individuals who have made lasting impact in the academic community with sustained and consistent excellence. Specifically, the individual:

  • Is a truly outstanding scholar and has conducted research that has made a significant contribution to the field
  • Has held leadership positions in academic organizations
  • Has made a positive impact on advancing the field
  • Has earned recognition by other academic groups; and
  • Has demonstrated, over an extended period of time, innovation and originality in teaching, research and service to the profession.

Recipients of the Award


Dr. Jay Liebowitz, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, USA
Dr. Ruti Gafni, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel
Dr. Roisin Mullins, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK


Dr. Jean-Henry Morin, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Carla Curado, ISEG - University of Lisbon, Portugal


Dr. Vladislav Rajkovic, University of Maribor, Slovenia


Dr. Meir Russ, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, USA
Dr. Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Warsaw, Poland


Dr. Alojzy Z. Nowak, Warsaw University, Poland
Dr. Jerzy Goluchowski, University of Economics, Katowice, Poland
Dr. Alex Koohang, Middle Georgia State University, Georgia, USA
Dr. Nitza Geri, The Open University of Israel, Israel


Dr. Keith Harman, Professor, Oklahoma Baptist University, USA
Dr. Anat Hovav, Professor, Korea University Business School, Seoul, Korea
Dr. Fred Kohun, University Professor, Robert Morris University, USA
Dr. Yair Levy, Professor, Nova Southeastern University, USA
Dr. Dimitar Christozov, Professor, American University of Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Dr. Robert Joseph Skovira, University Professor, Robert Morris University, USA


Dr. Bo┼żo Nikolic, Professor, The Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies, Serbia
Dr. Yoram Eshet, Professor, Open University of Israel, Israel
Dr. Daryl Nord, Professor, Oklahoma State University, USA
Dr. Jeretta Horn Nord, Professor, Oklahoma State University, USA
Dr. Heinz Dreher, Professor, Curtin University, Australia